Capturing Timeless Moments

Bringing a newborn into the world is a magical experience, one that deserves to be captured and cherished forever. Newborn photography allows parents to freeze those fleeting moments of their little bundle of joy in their tiniest and most delicate form. To ensure that your newborn photography session goes smoothly and results in heart warming and timeless photographs, thorough preparation is essential. In this blog, we'll explore some valuable tips to help you prepare for your upcoming newborn session.

Choose the Right Photographer

The foundation of a successful newborn photography session lies in selecting the right photographer for you. Look for a professional photographer experienced in capturing newborns. A skilled newborn photographer will not only have the technical expertise but will also create a safe and comfortable environment for your baby.

Schedule the Session Early

Newborns grow and change rapidly, and those precious first days fly by in a heartbeat. To capture the adorable sleepy poses and tiny details, it's essential to schedule your photography session within the first two weeks of your baby's birth. During this period, babies are more likely to stay curled up and sleepy, making it easier to pose them for those endearing shots.

Client Wardrobe

We are delighted to offer a curated client wardrobe for our mamas to ensure that they enjoy the process of their photo session and aren't stressing about what to wear. We understand that finding the perfect outfit for yourself can be challenging amidst the excitement and preparations for the session. That's why we've carefully selected a range of high-quality, comfortable, and stylish dresses and gowns that will complement a range of body types and will ultimately create timeless photographs for you and your family. Please reach out to Katie if you are interested in the mamas client wardrobe!

Consider Props and Outfits

Choosing simple and timeless props can enhance the beauty of your newborn photographs. Discuss with your photographer beforehand if you have any specific props or outfits you'd like to include in the session. To help with this, I also provide a full wardrobe for your little bundle of joy to war through the session. These pieces include; bonnets, beanies, rompers, wraps/swaddles and other clothing pieces.

Time it Right

Plan the photography session around bubs schedule. Ideally, schedule the session during the time of day when your baby is most calm and relaxed. A well-fed and rested baby is more likely to cooperate and be content during the photo session.

Don't Forget Feeding and Nappy Changes

A well-fed baby is a happy baby. Before the session, make sure your baby is well-fed, and if possible, time the feeding to coincide with the start of the session. Additionally, have plenty of nappies and wipes on hand to keep your baby clean and dry throughout the session.